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Hosted by Nikitha Shiv & supported by Vishal Krishna at Avalon Labs.


What is Mana?

At Avalon Labs, we believe the world is about to enter a brand new paradigm - one that will see a large majority of humanity sidelined. From the machine based economy to A.I to genetic editing to the rise of the multitasking generation, the entire planet will face enormous change. The Mana Podcast skips the thinkers and focuses on catching up with the doers - industry experts and pioneers who are in the thick of things; who work at the edge of technology and business for a living.

What is Avalon Labs?

Avalon Labs started off as a consulting agency, providing development and high quality content services to clients across the world including the likes of Factom, uBiome,and MongoDB. As the team scaled and the war chest grew, Avalon spearheaded joint ventures with driven entrepreneurs and businesses - sometimes adding value via services and other times writing small cheques.

With Joint Ventures and companies in locales like Singapore, Australia, Bahrain, India and Estonia; Avalon now hopes to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, including but not limited to A.I, BioTech and the Blockchain. Find out more at

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